Family Tradition

Refrigerator Costanzo SA is synonymous with quality and tradition in Argentina since 1920. At the time, Don Alfonso Costanzo starts producing and marketing of piglets. The mode of production and distribution was very different from today, the task was done manually and goods are moved in Urquiza Railway to the Great Buenos Aires where, in cars, was carried farms and butchers.


In the decade of 40, his son, Ramón Vicente Costanzo, joins the family business to take care of her in the year 1960. The cold storage facility and the launch of two trucks for transport and distribution were symbols of an era of modernization of industry.


By the late 70, a new generation of family Costanzo joins the family business, Mr.. Jose Maria Costanzo, son of Don Ramon. Thanks to the management and investment in new shot, facilities, expanding the production line and incorporating staff, extend the chain achieved nationwide distribution. This quantum leap results in the formation, Year 1992, of what we now know as Frigorífico Costanzo S.A..


Today we are proud to be the largest country piglets faenador supplying major supermarket chains, We are also positioned in the market lamb as the main faenador of the province of Buenos Aires, for export but 5 rabbit meat consecutive years to countries like Holland,Belgium,Germany and France, currently export sheep meat is vacuum billet and to neighboring Brazil.