Corporate Responsibility

Frigorífico Costanzo S.A.. sees corporate responsibility as essential foundation for a final product market distinction. Evidence of this are the policies implemented around the care of the environment, animal management and staff regarding.


Thanks to the strict implementation of animal welfare standards and from the study of animal behavior, the company promotes awareness of animal rights and strongly rejects their abuse. For this value and choose care practices in parenting, and transport forms of sacrifice applied.
Since production operators to management rules apply BPM (Good Manufacturing Practices) and SSOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures for Cleaning and Disinfection), from ongoing training provided by a group of specialized technicians, control also responsible for the implementation.


The refrigerator has a veterinary inspection service plan, by a veterinarian SENASA, Head of Service, plus an assistant, who perform checks and tests of goods and compliance.


Also, Frigorífico Costanzo S.A. features: treatment plant effluents own purifying liquids, Periodic monitoring of gaseous effluents, approval of environmental impact studies required by competent authority, Annual review and revision of the working tools (Operating pressure),infrastructure innovation, edilicia expansion, fleet renewal grounders.