The lamb is a quality option, as it gives a great contribution in minerals and vitamins nutritional; becoming one of the major suppliers of iron (1.6 a 2.0 mg 100 g Meat), the zinc, potassium and phosphates high absorption.
Brinda su instead,water-soluble vitamins B group, as well as, amount of vitamin E.
It is one of the most valuable and complete foods to meet human needs. In terms approximate average moisture content of raw meat is 75%, 20% protein, 3% fat with an energy in kilocalories of 105. The high biological value proteins contain all the essential amino acids are resistant to degradation by the various forms of fat values ​​intramuscularson cocción.Los low and the composition of that fat is not a problem in diet and health.. Due to the production system extensive mixed farming "cattle and sheep", characteristic of Mesopotamia, species enjoy better health status, thereby obtaining, more natural meat.

Cordero entero fresco

The fresh whole lamb is completely tender. In costanzo refrigerator quality care for all our products so it is…

Pierna de cordero envasada

The leg cut is a great meaty and well tasty. I recommend serving it with white wine and rosemary.…


Paleta de Cordero envasada

Lamb palette is ideal for cooking on the grill. can be prepared which makes juicy chimichurri…


Asado de cordero envasado

The roast is perhaps the best cut to enjoy with family and friends. Tasty with an ideal balance of meat…