La calidad de nuestros productos ah sido y será desde siempre el pilar fundamental de Frigorífico Costanzo S.A.. Currently "Quality" is synonymous with a way to work our company, either production tasks as administrative tasks.


In Refrigerated Costanzo S.A.. we have implemented rules BPM (Good Manufacturing Practices) and SSOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures for Cleaning and Disinfection) which ensures that each worker, from management to production workers, sanitation understand and apply it in their work. This permanently trained staff to meet the requirements of hygiene and food safety.


  • We have a specialized sector in responsible charge of the implementation, control and staff training with a QC responsible technically prepared for this purpose.
  • We have a veterinary inspection service facility by a veterinarian SENASA, head of service plus a helper, who are responsible for carrying out checks and tests on the merchandise and compliance.


> Quality Policy

Our striving for excellence in quality is reflected in dealing with customers and suppliers.


  • Customers, meeting their expectations by providing healthy food, rich and nutritious.
  • Providers, demonstrating responsibility in our commitment and seriousness in business.


> We are committed

Frigorífico Costanzo S.A.. is committed to continue to meet the quality standards that have placed among the top companies in the international market and currently.


Contamos con un laboratorio de ultima tecnologia Nuestra oficina de SENASA Nuestro laboratorio con elementos de ultima tecnologia