Frigorífico Costanzo S.A. guarantees the quality of their products from the 68341_110729352324886_5170584_nfirst time thanks to its Integrated Production System. Farm designed especially for the development of animals, has the necessary infrastructure for artificial insemination practices, farrowing and fattening. Located in the town of San Andres de Giles, with 17 You just surface and 20 km from the processing plant, also has a food processing plant that ensures proper and balanced nutrition.


Area de engorde

From gestation to farrowing sows remain in a room that has automatic feed, allowing simultaneously serve five hundred mothers. Two days prior to calving are moved to another room equipped for this event. With eighteen days of life, small piglets are taken to rearing rooms. There they feed on their own to achieve, in approximately fifty days, ideal weight.

The food processing plant based on corn can get lean copies, with the best flavor and meat yield without resorting to chemical supplements or meat derivatives. The use of appropriate clothing and endorsed by the standards of hygiene and quality, barriers to access to land and strict sanitary control conclude on the excellence of our products.